Why Climate Controlled Storage?

Although a little more expensive, climate controlled storage is the better choice in many situations.  You can think of climate controlled storage as storing your items in an extra bedroom, whereas you can think of traditional non climate controlled storage as storing your items on your carport.  When renting for the second and third time, many experienced renters are now seeking out climate controlled storage for the advantages it offers. 

Climate controlled storage offers much better control of temperature and especially humidity, and makes it much harder for dust and pests to enter your unit.  It is also safer and more secure. Climate controlled storage is recommended for items such as wooden or leather furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing, antiques, important papers, photos,  and collectibles such as artwork, stamps,  coins, wine, or comics.

What is climate controlled storage?  The most important aspect of climate controlled storage is humidity control.  The high humidity here in Southeast Missouri will damage many items by making them mildew, warp, or rust.  Our extreme temperature fluctuations are very hard on some items as well.  For example, a constant variation of hot to cold can cause wooden furniture to split.  Climate controlled storage includes temperature control, so your unit will not get too hot or too cold, or have daily extreme temperature fluctuations. 

SafeSpot Self Storage, conveniently located in the center of Cape Girardeau, is unique in that we  monitor the temperature and humidity 24 hours a day, and we are immediately notified if there are any problems with your unit.  You can even check on conditions yourself in your online account!  Because your unit is inside the main building, it is much harder for dirt, insects, or vermin to enter your unit.  Our building is also regularly treated for pest prevention to further protect your belongings.

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